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What’s on the cards for future motorists?

New technology always changes our lives in a manner that takes it to a greater new level. It is like the new way of thinking that makes us wonder and think of new possibilities. Even windscreens have entered a new technological era. When thinking about windscreens think PG Glass.

Smart windscreens will start becoming an in-car entertainment and communication zone as the driverless car becomes a reality in the 2020s. With the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS), motorists will soon be able to sit back and relax on long journeys as their car drives itself – free from the need to concentrate on the road ahead. The way technology is evolving; our windscreens will become the portal through which we browse the internet, chat to friends on social media or watch films. This will be like sitting at home tuned into your favourite show, or watching our PG Glass repair, PG Glass replace TV ads.

Car design will change radically as smart windscreens become devices for vehicles to communicate with each other while their drivers relax inside.

Windscreen technology is showing real promise in the area of night vision. This would transform the industry, by using advanced Nanotechnology called Nanophosphors. The new technology will enable an entire windscreen to act as an electronic display screen, without affecting the driver’s ability to see through the window. Furthermore, it would highlight lane marking warning the driver about collisions and even displaying navigational arrows on the pavement.

“Vehicle manufacturers are more likely to use more glass in future as it is lighter than metal alongside more use of composite materials like carbon fibre.” Dr Chris Davies, Head of Technical Research and Innovation, Belron®.

Ultimately, there is no doubt that the demands of speedy development and utility will spell disruption for car manufacturers. This brings us to question whether the existing seven to eight-year development cycle for a new vehicle model is fast enough for future technology and future motorist.

So, what does this mean for the industry? All the signs point to evolution rather than a revolution. Where third party providers, smartphone companies and app developers will work together with windscreen installers and suppliers to offer the customer the latest technology without having to wait for the purchase of a new car to get it.

Industry experts seem to agree that the arrival of a fully autonomous car is pretty far from reality and yet the emergence of the self-driving vehicle appears to be more likely than many doubters believe. Automotive glass services are one area where we are already seeing rapid technological changes. Visit any PG Glass Fitment Centres and ask about our latest technologies for windscreen repair or windscreens replacement to ensure the safety of motorists.

How will these technologies benefit drivers? And how will vehicle glass repair and replacement specialists, such as PG Glass insurers, the fleet and lease industry respond to these changes?

It seems in the future the possibilities are endless.

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