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PG Glass state of the art equipment: Technology in the glass industry

Your safety is our top priority at PG Glass and that is why we always try to keep up with the latest technology in the glass industry. It is undeniable that we cannot prevent the evolution of technology; whether it is the equipment you use in your day-to-day job all the way to the technology newly installed in vehicles. The speedy progression of technology seems to be a force to be reckoned with; hence it is essential to keep up, stay head and shoulders above the rest. The growth of technology is like a cycle that will continue to grow as long as humans continue to advance in their capabilities.

At PG Glass we strive to share this same sentiment of growth; with our state of the art equipment, our highly trained Technicians; readily available to assist in offering you nothing but the best glass solution for all your automotive glass hassles.

Partnering with Belron Technical and Bosch SA, our aim to achieve our purpose of solving your automotive glass problems with real care becomes more realistic with every innovative initiative from these power houses. From windscreen replacements, windscreen repairs, side and rear window replacement, Smash and Grab safety film to recalibration (available at selected Fitment Centres) of the forward facing camera that is located on the windscreen – that forms part of the vehicle Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS).

What do these initiatives mean to you? It means that we can repair your day in a fraction of the time and replace your windscreen just as quick, without compromising your safety and the integrity of your windscreen; giving you peace of mind knowing that your vehicle’s windscreen is in good hands. With state of the art equipment developed to offer our Technicians the best comfort and optimal execution of the job, you are guaranteed a win with every repair or windscreen replacement at PG Glass.

PG Glass is the market leader when it comes to utilising the latest technology and providing the best service in the automotive glass industry.

Visit any PG Glass Fitment Centre today as our Technicians are standing by to repair your day or visit our website on to request a quote today!